Season Pass Insurance FAQs

Season Pass Insurance FAQ’s

Cost:  $10 per individual pass/$40 for family pass

When:  Must be purchased at time of season pass purchase.  

What's Covered?

The season pass insurance protects your investment if you become injured or have any medical related reason that you cannot use your pass for the remainder of the skiing season. (The season is defined as when we first open in fall/winter and close completely in spring.)

How do I get a credit?

To get your credit for next season, we will need the following:

  • Email our office at to start your claim within 10 DAYS of injury/illness, etc. We do not accept claims for insurance outside of this time frame. This means you cannot make a claim weeks or months later that you were sick/injured and couldn’t use your pass.
  • Turn in your season pass (in person or via US mail) immediately.
  • Obtain a signed letter from your medical practitioner stating you are not able to ski or snowboard for the rest of the season due to this injury/illness, etc. There are no partial season credits for short-term injuries or illness.
  • Once all paperwork is in, you will be issued a credit coupon code via email to be to be used when purchasing next year’s season pass online.  You WILL NOT receive cash back.

How does the pro-ration work?

Our typical ski season is about 100 days.  We will subtract the number of days we have been open prior to turning in your pass from 100 and issue a credit for the amount you paid based the resulting percentage.

For example: You turn in your pass for a broken ankle rendering you unable to ski after we have been open 30 ski days.  100-30 = 70.  We will issue a credit for the next season for 70% of the price you paid for your pass.

What if I haven't printed or used my pass yet?

  • We issue the credit solely based on the number of days we are open for skiing, regardless of whether or not you have used or picked up your pass.


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