Season Passes FAQs

Season Pass Assurance/Insurance FAQ’s

If I have used my pass, can I still elect to defer my pass to the 2021/2022 season?  

  • No. If your pass has been used at all, you cannot defer it to the next season.  This season across all our resorts, season passes will be automatically scanned using RFID. 


If I purchased a multi-person pass product (i.e. family season pass), can I choose to defer one pass if it is unused?

  • No. All passes within a multi-pass product must be unused to defer your pass(es) to the 2021/2022 season.


How is the prorated Resort Closure credit calculated?

  • Purchase Price x (Days Closed / 65 peak days) = Credit Amount toward next season.


If I purchased a SNO Pass (valid at all three resorts), does the resort closure credit apply if only one of the three resorts is closed?

  • The resort closure credit only applies to SNO passes sold at the hill that may be closed. For example, if you purchased your SNO pass through Nordic Mountain (your default home resort), and the Rock closes for 10 days during the peak season but Nordic remains open, no credit would be available.


If I select to defer my pass, and there is a COVID related resort closure, will I get a credit in addition to my pass for the 2021/2022 season?  

  • No. If you select to defer, you are no longer eligible for credit as well as 100% of your pass has already been credited to the next season.


What if the resort is closed during the peak period for reasons other than COVID-19 (i.e. weather)? 

  • The resort closure credit only applies for closure due to COVID-19. A resort closure is defined as not having a lift operating for any portion of a day.  


Is Season Pass Assurance the same as Insurance?

  • No. The assurance program is related to COVID-19 and provides peace of mind to get the maximum value out of your pass this season.  Season pass insurance is an optional add-on ($10 per pass) that protects your pass from unforeseen personal events including injury or illness, loss of employment, call to active duty military service, pregnancy, and job relocation out of market.  


How do I defer my pass to the following season?

  • Simply email us with your pass purchase information letting us know that you would like to defer your pass to the 2021/2022 season. We will send a confirmation email letting you know your request has been processed. 


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